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Learn how a personal trainer can show you how to measure up to yourself and your goals.

We all know exercise is key to longevity and health and wellness. But how many of us actually exercise on a regular basis? How many of us choose to binge watch our favorite TV shows instead of hit the gym? Whether we admit it or not, physical fitness is hard work. And most of us would rather not work that hard in our free time.

If this is your mindset, then you need a personal trainer like you need the air you breathe — desperately. A personal trainer is more than someone who develops a fitness routine and makes you do it (that is part of the job). A personal trainer is your accountability partner in your life-long journey of health and wellness. A personal trainer is your guide to nutrition and how you can use nutrition in your workout routine to maximize results. Most importantly, a personal trainer is just that: personal. They devote all of their attention to you during your session. How many other people in your life do?


Exercise itself is good for the mind. Your body releases serotonin, the feel-good hormone that boosts your mood and aids in learning and memory retention. Exercise keeps depression at bay, stabilizes your appetite, and improves your sleep. Proper nutrition will keep your body functioning properly at all times throughout your day, avoiding the highs and lows we experience when our diet is out of whack. Recovery will help keep your bones and muscles healthy and loose, promoting wellness for life.

Balanced Fitness & Health in San Diego offers great deals on personal training services. We have some of the best personal trainers in the area with years of experience and an unparalleled passion to help their clients reach their goals. Our personal trainers are cheerleaders, encouraging and supporting you 100 percent of the time in all you want to accomplish. Whether your goal is weight loss, strength training, or six-pack abs, our personal trainers can help. At Balanced Health & Fitness, we believe passionately in a balanced approach to life. Contact us today!

By far, this is the most important piece of the physical fitness puzzle. When you have an appointment with a personal trainer at our gym in San Diego, you’re going to show up if for no other reason than you’re paying for it. You have no excuse to fall back on. Someone is waiting on you, and you don’t want to let them down.

Not all fitness programs are created the same. Mixed martial arts might not be for the person who loves yoga. Plus, the results will be vastly different if you’re lifting heavy weights versus doing low-weight repetitions. When you sign up for Balanced Fitness & Health’s personal training program, we’ll sit down with you and evaluate your fitness and health goals, your current level of fitness, and where you want to be in the future. Then we’ll set a plan to achieve the results you are seeking.

Living in the informational world that we do, the information on nutrition is abundant — too abundant. It seems every time you turn around someone else is putting out a new diet that is purported to yield amazing results in little time, and a new study is coming out, contradicting everything you thought was true. At Balanced Fitness & Health, we make nutrition simple. We’ll educate you in the truth of nutrition and show you how to use nutrition in conjunction with exercise to accelerate your desired goals.

A lot of people report they don’t exercise because they are afraid of getting hurt, or they have quit exercising because they hurt themselves in the past. A personal trainer will show you proper technique and correct your form. At Balance Fitness & Health, safety is always first. We also make sure you don’t go overboard and do too much to the point you can’t walk the next day! Our goal is getting physically fit the right way.

We’ve all seen the people at the gym who wander in, do a couple of reps on a few machines, chit-chat away to a couple people for 20 minutes, and then call it a day. Are these people seeing results? Odds are, no. You need a plan, and the gym is not a social hour. Most of us lead very busy lives; that’s partly the reason we haven’t made it to the gym. With a personal trainer to guide you and keep you moving, you’ll be working the entire personal training session and be sweaty and tired at the end!

Another main reason people report not going to a gym is because they are intimidated, uncomfortable, or don’t feel like they know enough to work out on their own. A personal trainer will educate you about all exercises, all moves, all equipment, and what muscles you are working. A personal trainer will balance your routine, so you’re not overly sore, which keeps you healthy for life.

Another key people miss to physical fitness is the care and maintenance of your body. You only have one body. Taking care of it is a holistic approach, which is why Balanced Fitness & Health in San Diego prides itself on incorporating all aspects of health and wellness into our personal training program. To be healthy, you need the physical aspect, the mental aspect, the nutrition aspect, and the relaxation aspect. After each personal training session, we leave time for stretching and rolling out on foam rollers. We recommend routine massages and encourage yoga sessions whenever possible. Visiting a chiropractor may be in order as well, depending on your tightness or soreness. We also incorporate mobility sessions as well to maintain your flexibility and range of motion. The personal trainers at Balanced Fitness & Health will work you hard; recovery will be crucial.

Working out alone can be challenging. That’s why a lot of people don’t exercise. With a personal trainer, you’ll be introduced to the community at Balanced Fitness & Health. We hold events and social hours. Furthermore, your personal trainer will form a bond with you and be a listening ear when you need one. Talking about your day and your future plans or the annoying barking dog next door is therapeutic. The more plugged in you feel, the more comfortable you’ll feel and the more likely physical fitness will be with you for life.

A personal trainer will challenge you in a way you probably wouldn’t do on your own. He or she will push you to do more and perform exercises you’d never even dreamed up such as a Turkish Get-Up whose name itself sounds like something you’d like to avoid. Getting you out of your comfort zone is a vital part of a personal trainer’s job, and what you’ll need to achieve the results you are looking for.

If your bucket list includes running a marathon, you may need a personal trainer to help you train for such a feat. With any physical challenge, such as climbing Mt. Everest or running an obstacle course, a personal trainer can help you reach your goal. Nothing is worse than setting your sights on a goal and not making it because you weren’t prepared — both mentally and physically. A personal trainer has the knowledge of what it takes to achieve such goals.


Balanced Fitness & Health in San Diego is dedicated to you. Our mission is to use all of the tools in our wheelhouse (physical exertion, nutrition, and care and maintenance of your body) to get you the results you want. We’ll help you define your goals and set a path of achievement. Contact us today.

Kevin wirth

ACE Certified personal trainer

My mom was a division one all American high diver, and my dad was a gymnast, and professional ski acrobat. So needless to say, movement, athletics, and a healthy lifestyle were part of the household culture for as long as I can remember. I’ve been a lifelong athlete, and have had a professional career in both snowboarding, and mixed martial arts. I’m currently 31 years old and have never been injured in either my weight lifting or athletic career. This is because I have learned not only how to work hard, but how to work safe and smart. I’m a N.A.S.M certified personal trainer, and love sharing my knowledge to help people reach their goals.

Gabby ybarra

ACE Certified personal trainer

I’m passionate about helping people achieve their goals in fitness and wellness! Having been on a fitness journey myself for many years, I find it to be one of the greatest ways to live a healthy life! I’m very invested in each of my clients and tailor plans specifically to fit every individual’s needs. I have been successful in helping clients reach their fitness goals while creating lifelong sustainability. I am passionate about educating, encouraging, and helping to bring out the confidence and self-love we all deserve!


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