Benefits of Personal Training

We all know exercise is key to longevity and health and wellness. But how many of us actually exercise on a regular basis? How many of us choose to binge watch our favorite TV shows instead of hit the gym? Whether we admit it or not, physical fitness is hard work. And most of us would rather not work that hard in our free time.

If this is your mindset, then you need a personal trainer like you need the air you breathe — desperately. A personal trainer is more than someone who develops a fitness routine and makes you do it (that is part of the job). A personal trainer is your accountability partner in your life-long journey of health and wellness. A personal trainer is your guide to nutrition and how you can use nutrition in your workout routine to maximize results. Most importantly, a personal trainer is just that: personal. They devote all of their attention to you during your session. How many other people in your life do?

  • Accountability. By far, this is the most important piece of the physical fitness puzzle. When you have an appointment with a personal trainer at our gym in San Diego, you’re going to show up if for no other reason than you’re paying for it. You have no excuse to fall back on. Someone is waiting on you, and you don’t want to let them down.
  • A physical fitness program tailored to you. Not all fitness programs are created the same. Mixed martial arts might not be for the person who loves yoga. Plus, the results will be vastly different if you’re lifting heavy weights versus doing low-weight repetitions. When you sign up for Balanced Fitness & Health’s personal training program, we’ll sit down with you and evaluate your fitness and health goals, your current level of fitness, and where you want to be in the future. Then we’ll set a plan to achieve the results you are seeking.

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