Our philosophy on nutrition is simple:
Never go on another diet again! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

At Balanced Fitness and Health, we approach nutrition as something that should be sustainable for the rest of your life, by creating a program that can be adapted to anyone’s specific goals.

Our goal is to show you:

How to use science rather than will power to control your hunger. Not all calories are created equal. Eating less and exercising more isn’t always the answer. Fat isn’t the evil enemy it’s been made out to be over the past three decades. Although changing the way you cook and eat isn’t easy, it is attainable with proper planning.

We believe in creating a realistic path for you to follow with realistic expectations and goals. Our nutrition program is designed to move at a pace you are comfortable with. We want to set you up for success long term and give you the knowledge and support you need to make the most important lifestyle change you can ever make.


Very few people are ready and willing to make a 100% change overnight. Trying to change too fast is the easiest way to fail. We don’t expect you to change overnight. Our nutrition program is designed to allow you to make a realistic transition into your new healthy eating habits.

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